Tiger’s Next Move? Maps, Photos Of Island Home

With Tiger Woods’ apparent new sense of devotion to his marriage, I think the chances of him moving to Faglaro Island, Sweden is increasing by the hour. Not many other folks seem to be taking this possibility all that seriously, and I could be wrong, but at the very least here’s some more insight on what could be Woods’ ultimate destination in the near future.

Map of Tiger and Elin Woods home at Faglaro Mansion Sweden

I’ve posted more closeup shots yet of the home Elin Nordegren closed on the day after the first NATIONAL ENQUIRER story hit about her husband’s alleged affair with Rachel Uchitel.

Tiger Woods Home In Sweden Faglaro Island

More pics and an interactive satellite map of the island after the jump.

I’m not flogging this part of the story for absolutely no reason.  I have indeed heard from a source that there is a very good possibility that the Woods family could move to Sweden at any moment. This isn’t all just idle speculation on my part.

Tiger Woods Sweden Home

And if Woods is serious about changing his lifestyle and focusing on repairing his marriage, a move to an inaccessible place in Scandinavia just as winter is kicking in an absolute masterstroke.

Tiger Home In Sweden

The island is nearly all vacation summer homes, with Elin’s house one of only two or three on the island that is occupied year round. The only way in is via a ferry from Vaxholm, Sweden, which I’m guessing will be the paparazzi’s home base if Woods does move with his family. A Stockholm ferry to Faglaro would take too long for daily commute.

Tiger Woods Sweden Home

It will be interesting if those in charge of the island would date allow media on the island. Safe to assume Woods and his wife will explore those various scenarios with the people who run the island before they make a committment to go. If they haven’t already.

If Woods does move to Sweden, the interest in this story will truly explode worldwide, and the Brit tabs will go absolutely crazy since Woods will now be in their background. With the English gossips re-invigorated, I can see them throwing more resources at the story and keep it going even if Woods and Elin are living a quiet existence in rural Sweden.

Here’s an interactive satellite map of Faglaro, the island where Woods may soon move with his family:

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