Tiger’s Mistress: Guilty Of Burglary, Grand Theft

NBC San Diego reports this week that Tiger Woods‘ mistress Jaimee Grubbs (photos) has a criminal record that includes “burglary and grand theft“.

Jaimee Grubs Tiger Woods Mistress Pics

(THAT’S where that hat came from)

Jaimee Grubbs was charged with misdemeanor burglary and grand theft in July 2004 after she was accused of shoplifting from the Nordstrom’s at Horton Plaza, the records revealed. She was 18 years old.

She then didn’t show up for court and was later arrested.  Grubbs pleaded guilty to a single count of grand theft and did a day in jail. She was also ordered to complete a Shoplifter’s Education course, but apparently was too busy to show. 

After an arrest warrant went out for her, she attended the course and eventually showed the judge the proof and paid a fine.

As merely a celebrity homewrecker, I was still wavering on her MTV reality show greenlight. But now that she’s a homewrecking burglar, I’m happy to report that she can sign on the line that is dotted!

Jaimee Grubs Tiger Woods Mistress Modeling Pics

(Ms. Grubbs, can we plz see your receipt for that Forever 21 top?)

Other fun stuff from the NBC San Diego story:

Grubbs went to Escondido High School, where a family friend said she was a star athlete.

A man, who says he’s known Grubbs for 5 years and is a friend of her moms, says she’s not the kind of person to destroy a marriage.

“Just a real good person. Sweet person, not someone that would… wreck a home,” Denis Costello* said. “All girls want attention… But she would never do it at the expense of a marriage or a person’s reputation. That’s not Jaime Grubbs.

Costello says he hasn’t spoken to Grubbs in several months, and that she never spoke about Woods in the past.

Ah-ha! He’s the dude in San Diego County she didn’t tell.

*Note to self: tell Tiger’s lawyers they can now stop writing checks to people.