Tiger’s Management Has Hired Lookalikes Before

Some of you out there may be a little perplexed by today’s bizarre development in the Tiger Woods saga. X17Online posted photos Friday afternoon that seemed to debunk earlier snaps from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER ascribed to Woods at a rehab center in Mississippi.

Tiger Woods stand in for EA Sports walk on water spot

The Enquirer subsequently claimed the X17Online photos are of a Woods lookalike planted at the clinic to make it appear that the golfer was never at the facility. Normally we’d all laugh off that kind of assertion, but in this case I know there are some people out there who do think today’s photos were a ruse perpetrated by Team Tiger and officials at the clinic.

I’ve maintained all along that Woods was never at the facility, but it is interesting to note that Woods is no stranger to having stand-ins. His management often hired lookalikes in the past for commercial shoots. Once such example was Woods’ famous walk-on-water spot for EA Sports in 2008.

Florida-based pro photog Preston Mack chronicled his experience shooting Woods that day, wrapping his post with this:

When people ask me what was my favorite photo assignment, I usually have no answer. Every job seems to have its own special moments and no one assignment seemed to stand out above the rest.

Tiger Woods Stand-In Lookalike

However, after shooting Tiger Woods, I think that this photo shoot will always be the most memorable. Maybe next time, I can get a photo of me with Tiger, and not just his stand in!

Here’s another description from a blogger who helped produce a commercial ad shoot involving Woods:

We actually had a stand-in model for Tiger and he actually does a lot of stand-in work for Tiger in Orlando.

I’m not suggesting that Woods management had anything to do with the person photographed by X17Online today, but at the very least we now know of precedent for such a thing happening.