Tiger Woods Won’t Give Jessica Simpson Lessons

Last we heard from Jessica Simpson, the songstress sweetheart of Tony Romo & scourge of Cowboys fans everywhere had put on a few pounds. But Jess is not one to shy away from self-improvement, and she’s taking up a new sport to get herself back in shape: golf.

Jessica Simpson Tiger Woods

And if you’re going to take up the game of links, there’s one linksman everyone wants to turn to: Tiger Woods. So Ms. Simpson apparently approached the Artist Formerly Known As Eldrick to give her a few pointers ‘n’ such. But Tiger wasn’t so quick to claw at the opportunity.

From German gossip site BILD.DE:

Jessica Simspon has asked golf legend Tiger Woods for lessons. The singer has recently been turning heads with her fuller figure and wants to live a healthier lifestyle. A source said: “Jessica is taking it seriously. She even asked if Tiger Woods would give her some pointers, but he’s been busy with his new baby.”

Kids do change your lifestyle. Still, Jessica is undaunted in her quest to become queen of the fairway:

She has already signed up for a set of lessons, and has splashed out $8,400 on a Louis Vuitton golf bag and clubs to ensure she looks stylish as she learns.

But there could be more to Jessica’s renewed interest in golf than just a new way to keep her outside & in the public eye:

However, it seems she may have ulterior motives for wanting to improve her swing. Boyfriend and American football star, Tony Romo, is said to be a huge fan of the sport, and Jessica is hoping it might bring them closer together.

Or an evening sitting together on the couch & watching “Caddyshack” will accomplish the same thing.