Tiger Woods Wagers John Smoltz He Can Get More Victories

WOODS WAGES HE’LL BE MORE VICTORIOUS THAN SMOLTZ: John Smotlz of the Atlanta Braves may be a good pitcher, but Tiger Woods is better:

Tiger Woods John Smoltz

The ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION reports Smoltz has a “friendly” competition going on with the Golfer Formerly Known as Eldrick. The former Cy Young winner recently spilled the beans to a radio station about the duo’s rivalry.

In a wager that would make Phineas Fogg proud (or at least mildly interested), Woods is awarded the equivalent of three baseball wins with every golf tournament victory. So far this year, Tiger has 4 championships (i.e. 12 wins), while Smoltzie only has 10 W’s.

Caddyshack Elin Nordegen

Unfortunately, Smoltz neglected to mention what exactly they were wagering on. We’re guessing if Tiger wins, Smoltz has to be his caddy for the rest of the season. And if Smoltz wins, he gets to help make baby #2 with Elin.