Tiger Woods Takes His Toll On Wall Street Trading

Dubya dribbles with some Irish kids. We need a Guinness after viewing that.

Tiger Woods’ win in San Diego is Wall Street’s loss in productivity.

Tiger Woods Nike Smile

• Speaking of the ex-Eldrick, Sports Illustrated needs help with next week’s cover.

Doug Christie’s better half is blackballing him from the NBA.

• ESPN wants to keep an eye on you - a big, bloodshot eye.

• Meanwhile, the Worldwide Leader should keep an eye on Jemele Hill’s Hitler-Celtics comments.

T.O., Pacman & Michael Irvin are all getting set to camp it up.

• The Mets let Willie Randolph wander off into the night.

Rich Rodriguez may have scooped Bob Stoops before the Fiesta Bowl.

• The Baby Boss could take some courtesy tips from Bill Wirtz’s son.

• Ripley’s buys the 10 bats from that goofy player trade - Believe it, or not!

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