Tiger Woods No Match for 14 Month-Old Daughter

Up until this point all we knew of Sam Woods was that she was the lucky recipient of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Woods’ DNA. Now we know that the daughter of the golf great might be able to do something Ernie Els can’t do. Beat Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods and Family

Her dad, Tiger has made a living of beating grown men on the golf course, but the injured golfer with a video game to promote tells NEWSWEEK, that right now he could not beat his 14 month-old daughter in a game of golf.

Has it been tough watching the season go on without you?
Only during the majors. Other than that, not really, because I know I can’t physically compete with those guys. I couldn’t even beat my daughter in a game of golf right now.

We also learned from this Q&A that Tiger’s current absence is the longest he has gone without hitting a golf ball since his nine month stint inside Kultida Woods’ womb.

You ve said it ll be five months before you swing a club again. When was the last time that happened?
Probably since I came out of the womb. But seriously, even though I’ve had knickknack injuries here and there, I’ve always been able to go hit balls. Now I’m not allowed to do anything. So from that standpoint it’s never happened.

With all this talk of kids and wombs, you’d think Tiger was awaiting the birth of another child. Oh that’s right he is. A lot can happen when you’ve got time and a smoking hot wife on your hands.