Cause Of Tiger’s Sub-Par Performance: Bad Knees

It’s not like Tiger Woods to be cursing on the course and not winning The Masters. But we may now know why the golfer-formerly-known-as-Eldrick has been in such a funk:

Bad knees.

Tiger Woods standing with club

(The 7-iron doubles great as a walking cane)

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that Woods had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee to repair cartilage damage. He underwent the joint work on Tuesday in Park City, Utah.

Unfortunately, Tiger’s a few months late for Sundance - or really really early, depending on how long he plans on sticking around.

He’s expected to be off the greens for about 4-6 weeks, meaning he’ll miss The Players Championship (so, no reason for anyone to watch). But Tiger’s expected to be back prowling the holes for the U.S. Open in June.

This is the third time Woods’ knee has gone under the knife. Back in 2002, doctors drained fluid around his ACL & removed a bengin cyst. And in 1994, Tiger had a benign tumor taken out. Wonder if he’s gotten a club card - buy 3, get 1 surgery free!

Phil Mickelson

Now, next up on the doctors’ slate - Phil Mickelson’s breast reduction.