Tiger Woods Is Vicious All The Time To Everybody

The Memorial Skins Classic was today, and it featured Kenny Perry, Stewart Cink, Tiger Woods, and Jack Nicklaus. It’s an exhibition, strictly for charity, and it was basically an excuse to get Tiger and Jack in the same grouping for once. Which is fine, we’re not complaining or anything; they’re probably the two best golfers of all time and definitely the best golfers from their respective generations.

Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus
(”You’re mine, old man!”)

When it came down to the end of the round, there were four skins on the line and Tiger was looking at a decently long putt to keep Perry from winning. Guess what happened. Go on, guess. If you guessed “a seagull came and took the ball away”… no, but I like where your mind’s at.

Video evidence is below (but stop after he hits the putt):

(courtesy of AWFUL ANNOUNCING)

Okay, did you stop it when we said? Good. (Sorry for ruining the surprise, but come on, you knew it was coming.)

Rather than play any more holes, the players went to a chip-off for the final four skins. It happened in the first group too; these things happen. Okay, now hit play on the video again. Yes, everyone’s still reacting to the putt, give it a little more time. Okay, here’s Tiger’s chip. I’ll watch along with you.


Whew! That was a blast. As mentioned before, this is all an exhibition, and all Tiger’s winnings were for charity. Still, that’s so unfair. Why can’t he let other people win? Like, ever? So mean.