Tiger Woods Believes That He’s Such A Dumbass

I’m a little surprised this isn’t getting more play today, but it appears GOLFWEEK.COM is the only other publication on the Googles that heard what I heard yesterday on hole 15 of the Masters: Tiger Woods shouting “dumbass!” at himself after an errant tee shot.

Tiger Woods Creation Of Adam

Sorry, but I just think it’s pretty funny when the best golfer in the world shouts such a word at the most prestigious and uppity event of all. Just to (hopefully) prove I’m not hearing things, here’s what GOLFWEEK said (with video after the jump):

“‘Dumba–!’ Woods blurted out on the 15th tee after hitting his drive toward the left edge of the fairway, leaving him without an angle to reach the par-5 in two.

‘He’s just bleeding frustration,’ CBS analyst David Feherty said. ‘It’s coming out of every pore it seems.’

Woods yelled ‘Woodrow!’ after a drive into the right trees on No. 18 Friday.

Dumbass vs. Woodrow. I like them both.

And here’s video proof of Tiger’s tame tantrum, courtesy FAN IQ’s Critical Fanatic: