Tiger Woods’ Backwash Can Be Yours For $25K

This weekend is a pretty big one for golf fans across the world. It will mark the first time since June of last year at the U.S. Open that the great Tiger Woods will grace a PGA Tour event with his presence. All of a sudden, golf matters again.

Of course, as a real golf fan you can’t just sit back and be happy that Tiger is back. You need something to commemorate the occasion. You need something that will prove to other Tiger fans that you’re a much bigger fan than the rest. You need Tiger’s DNA, and, according to SPORTING NEWS and USA TODAY’s GAME ON, you can have it for only $25,000.

Arnott forwards this item on auction at eBay — an empty Gatorade bottle that supposedly was sipped from by Tiger Woods during the 2007 PGA championship.

The asking price?  A mere $25,000.

The auction blurb says, in part: “Was this drink enough to sustain him before he teed off?  Did it provide the necessary ingredients to allow him to focus and the power needed for this hole?”

Look at the bottle in all its glory:

Tiger Woods' Gatorade

It’s even dated for authenticity!  So if you ever leave the bushes outside of the fence that keeps you from Tiger’s front door, make sure you go home and get on the internet to buy this sucker.  You won’t regret it.