Tiger Woods: 1-For-4, Walk Against John Smoltz

Bear in mind it’s just a simulated game, so it’s only simulated embarrassment that the world’s best golfer (allegedly) got a base hit off a Hall of Fame-caliber pitcher.

Tiger Woods vs. John Smoltz

Atlanta Braves pitcher John Smoltz got ready for the season by throwing simulated games in Orlando. For fun, he invited his friend, a promising young golfer named Tiger Woods, to step into the batter’s box. In his first two at-bats against Smoltz, Tiger struck out. In his third at-bat he drew a walk on a 3-2 count, and the fourth at bat produced a ground ball back up the middle.

Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell recorded the at-bat as a ground ball that second basemen Kelly Johnson would’ve gotten to the ball and thrown him out. But according to the MLB.COM eyewitness account, “Smoltz tipped his cap, conceding that he’d just yielded a single to Woods.”

So congratulations to Tiger Woods for not only owning one sport, but having a career simulated batting average of .250 and on-base percentage of .500 in another. Bill James wants your autograph, so don’t tell him that the reason you got the base hit was because this guy was standing behind you:

Golf quiet sign

And as for John Smoltz, it might be time to toss a few more simulated games, because as of right now Tiger Woods is projected as merely the backup shortstop for the Florida Marlins.