Tiger Won’t Endorse a Candidate (Read McCain)

Tiger Woods appeared on NBC’s “Today” show on Friday morning, and for some reason, he wasn’t selling a video game, washing machine or whatever it is he’s selling whenever he deigns to sit for an 1-on-1 Q & A.

Butter Tiger Woods

That said, in a stunning coincidence, the interview was staged with Jennifer Wolfe at the site of Woods’ newest course design project.

As expected, Wolfe didn’t ask Woods any tough questions, except one.

At the end of the interview, Wolfe asked Woods, “Who are you supporting for President.

Woods answered, while smiling, “One of the candidates. One of the two, definitely.”

When asked if he didn’t want to talk about politics, Woods said, “No, it makes things a lot more complicted.”

Interviewer Wolfe then brought on a bevy of boring course-design questions that had my eyes glazing over.

Woods, like Michael Jordan, has never been inclined to give his opinion on social issues, because it’s bad for business. I would assume though that his non-response most likely enrages more than a few African-Americans in the audience, since, at least to me, it implies that he’s supporting McCain.