Tiger Stadium Finally Coming Down? Probably.

After years of wrangling with local preservation groups and other distracting matters, the city of Detroit has awarded a demolition contract for the final knee-whacking of Tiger Stadium. The city will pay nothing for the service; selling off the scrap from the neglected ol’ girl will raise over a million dollars for the firm awarded the contract. (We expect more auctions.)

Tiger Stadium

The preservation groups continue to fight to save some piece of the ballpark, whether it be a corner or a grandstand or one of Ernie Harwell’s laminated scorecards. However, they don’t seem to have the money to make it happen, so let the mixed-use development begin!

Except, of course, there’s no money for that, either. City plans have existed for as long as Tiger Stadium has been in the wrecking crew’s bullseye, but no one seems ready to step forward with the development funds. Therefore, Detroit may have shoved the plans to tear down Tiger Stadium through only to earn themselves yet another vacant lot.

Hey, why not another casino? That seems to be the solution to all of Detroit’s problems.

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