Tiger & Rachel Claim: ‘intimate for about 6 months’

Today the NATIONAL ENQUIRER leaked a portion of an upcoming US WEEKLY expose - to be published tomorrow - on Tiger Woods‘ alleged relationship with Rachel Uchitel:

Rachel Uchitel Pics Tiger Woods Affair Mistress

According to their new story “Tiger and Rachel have been intimate for about six months,” a source was quoted as saying by US. In addition, they confirmed what the ENQUIRER reported FIRST in our bombshell world exclusive that Tiger and Rachel hooked up in a hotel in Melbourne, Australia mid November.

That would be when the Enquirer snapped a photo of Uchitel in the lobby of Woods’ hotel in Melbourne. The golfer was there for the Australian Masters.

Rachel Uchitel Pics Tiger Woods Affair Mistress

(More photos of Uchitel)

The Enquirer also claims to debunk Uchitel’s rambling denial of the affair today in the NEW YORK POST, while also noting that the mag “has additional facts about Rachel that we have yet to release.”

The Enquirer uses some of the content of its original piece on the Woods-Uchitel affair in an attempt to catch Uchitel contradicting herself - along with some fresh reportage:

Rachel - who calls our story “ridiculous” with “not a word of it true” - says: “I offered to take a lie-detector test.”

In fact, it was The ENQUIRER who asked Rachel to take a polygraph but she refused!

Rachel makes a point of trying to dump on our source by claiming Ashley “passed out from too many Quaaludes.”

We find it ironic that Rachel raises drug use. What she doesn’t bring up is her own appetite for using prescription pills to enhance her sex life. STAR magazine reports that Rachel admitted to a friend that she likes to take prescription pills “because you have crazier sex.”

And when The ENQUIRER questioned Rachel about this on the phone, she happily admitted she uses the sleep aide Ambien to enhance her sexual encounters “but not with Tiger.”.

Rachel stated to the Post that we have “no evidence” of her affair with Tiger - “It’s just (their) word against mine and Tiger’s.”

In fact, The ENQUIRER has additional facts about Rachel that we have yet to release! Our sources have already divulged that Rachel has told them her relationship with Tiger has played out in Los Angeles, Vegas and Australia.

“I know for a fact that Tiger and Rachel got together for four days in Los Angeles,” one of our sources told us.

Rachel specifically tells The Post: “I have never spoken on the phone with Tiger Woods, or texted him.”

But while denying the affair to STAR, Rachel slipped up and admitted on the record, “Months ago, we texted about being in my club.”

With the alleged voicemail of Woods to alleged mistress Jaimee Grubbs (photos) that USMagazine.com will post tomorrow, and US Weekly’s follow on the Woods-Uchitel alleged affair the same day, perhaps now we’re getting an inkling of why Woods hasn’t denied any affair accusation. (Of course, that isn’t to say that any allegation is true.)

RadarOnline.com though reports this is only the beginning and that “several women” are likely to come forward, with at least one also having voicemail recordings of Woods. TMZ.com also reports today that the NEW YORK POST is planning a story on a woman who claims she had an affair with Woods.

If the touts play out the way they are being portrayed, we’ve got ourselves a tsunami of bad publicity for Woods. So if these reports are true, was there any way he could’ve mitigated the damage to his marriage and endorsement career? Perhaps, if he’d immediately admitted after his car accident to what looks to be a festival of infidelity.

Looking back on why Woods decided to not show up to his golf tournament and remain completely out of sight until late January at Torrey Pines, it appears now that his motivation may have gone beyond protecting his wife from possible assault charges.

Woods’ is going to pay a dear price for his continued silence, as his behavior the past six days hasn’t come off as something any of us can relate to. Instead of admitting that he (allegedly) made mistakes, he’s either continued to delude himself that he’s bulletproof or more likely, listen too much to his lawyers.

The length of time his reputation will be stained directly correlates to his lack of public response. Yes, this will all go away someday, but Woods now will be tarnished more harshly than if he’d just owned up to (alleged) misdeeds.