Tiger: On The Record Claim He Used Illegal Drug

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER reports in its Jan. 4 edition:

Tiger Woods Susie Ogren National Enquirer Ecstasy Story

Computer technician Susie Ogren told The Enquirer that she met Tiger at a posh Vegas golf course and they later popped Ecstasy together.

In the piece, the magazine that first broke the Tiger Woods infidelity story quotes Ogren extensively as she claimed illegal drug use by Woods, which allegedly happened when the golfer was 23: “Tiger and I were partying in Studio 54 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas when we did Ecstasy together.

Per Ogren, Tiger’s method of hookup followed the same pattern we’ve heard alleged from other women claiming to be mistresses of Woods.

Ogren stated that she first met Woods while he was practicing at the Rio Secco Golf Club in Vegas:

Susie Ogren Tiger Woods

“I started driving a beverage cart around to supply drinks to golfers on the course in 1999. I soon met Tiger because he practiced there every day when he was in Vegas.”

The Rio Secco golf club’s website states:

Butch Harmon School of Golf: Located at Rio Secco Golf Course, this world-renowned school is where Tiger Woods honed his playing skills. Training facilities include indoor and outdoor practice areas along with a 90 yard short game hole, along with state-of-the-art computer and video equipment that helps instructors analyze your unique swing.

The course also served from 2002-07 as the host course for Woods’ Tiger Jam celebrity golf outing.

More from Ogren:

“Tiger would order an energy drink and give me a $5 tip. He was friendly but not overly flirtatious. In October 1999, a friend of Tiger came over to my cart and told me, ‘Tiger wants you at dinner with me tonight.’ 

“The friend picked me up at my house and drove me to the MGM Grand where Tiger was staying at the MGM Grand Mansion. I joined Tiger and three other guys for dinner in the private dining room for The Mansion.

“Tiger was drinking beer and I was drinking Tanqueray and tonic. At one point he went off to play blackjack at the VIP table and dropped $60,000 in 15 minutes. Then we went to Studio 54 in the hotel and took a booth in the VIP area.

“One of his friends said, ‘I’ve got some Ecstasy - let’s roll,’ and produced little white pills, smaller than aspirin. Tiger and I did one pill each. I’m sure Tiger was hoping it would turn me on so he could get me into bed, and he took the pill so casually that it seemed to me he was used to doing it.

“But the Ecstasy was crappy. The pills just made us sweaty, and didn’t make us feel good. I wanted to go to sleep. I could see Tiger wasn’t happy that the Ecstasy wasn’t turning me on. Soon he said he was tired and took off for his luxury suite alone. He seemed angry.”

Ogren goes on to claim that she”dated Tiger several more times over the next two years” but that they were not sexually intimate.

Keep in mind, this is 1999.

LAS VEGAS SUN bylined reporter Bob Shemeligian confirmed Ogren’s account of alleged her relationship and drug use with Woods, noting, “Susie told me that she did Ecstasy with Tiger Woods at Studio 54 in 1999.

This is the first on the record account of anyone claiming that Woods did illegal drugs, and you would think would go a long way to further damaging the golfer’s already dubious reputation.

That said, the statute of limitations is in effect, so don’t expect any charges to be brought upon Ogren or Woods. Not a coincidence that Ogren waited this long to tell her story. And if not for all the tales of Woods’ alleged indiscretions, we may never have heard about it.