Tiger On The Prowl To Reach $1 Billion In Earnings

BLOOMBERG reports that Tiger Woods is on course to earn $1 billion within the next few years.

Tiger Woods yell


The golf pro made over $122 million in earnings and endorsements last year, $23 million more than he garnished in 2006. Tiger’s increase in funds was helped by new promo deals with Gatorade & Gillette, and the PGA finishing its season in September.

Since the year-ending Tour Championship was moved up from November, Woods and other golfers had more opportunities to attend events outside the U.S. - and cash in on appearance fees that the PGA doesn’t allow.

And all that money from pushing razors & hitting the links in Latvia is adding up.

According to GOLF DIGEST magazine, Woods’ current earning pace could place Tiger at the $1 billion mark by 2010. Since turning pro in 1996, Woods has brought in almost $770 million for putting around.

Tiger Woods baby

With all that dough, you think he could have at least scrounged up enough change for a plane ticket to his baby’s baptism.

But such a snub isn’t really worth lynching over.