Tiger Flunky Booked Uchitel Aussie Plane Ticket

TMZ.com has the name of the person who booked Rachel Uchitel’s plane ticket to Australia, where she (allegedly) hooked up with Tiger Woods in an extramarital affair. Meet Woods’ “childhood friend” Byron Bell (top left flunky-looking dude):

Tiger Woods Pays Everybody

(If you can keep a secret, Tiger will make it rain!)

The ticket was purchased by Bell using a credit card. He also booked a room for Uchitel at the Crown Towers Hotel in Melbourne.

We’ve learned Bell actually flew with Uchitel to Melbourne and both had rooms at the hotel.

So did Bell know the exact nature of what he was doing? Funny you should ask …


Woods’ childhood friend not only booked the ticket for Uchitel, but also traveled with her to Melbourne.

So you think Bell knew what Woods was doing with Uchitel? How do you think Elin Nordegren will react when she next sees Bell, who also happens to be President of something called “Tiger Woods Design”?

Wait, forgot, Woods can always pay him off to say anything too.

Is there now anyone left in Woods’ life not to get paid to pretend it’s opposite day?