Tiger Fling Playboy Rumor Untrue, But Stay Tuned

Yesterday Radaronline.com reported that Tiger Woods mistress Jaimee Grubbs (photos) had “tried to get into Playboy” before her affair with Woods went public.

Jaimee Grubs Tiger Woods Mistress Pics

she “tried to get into Playboy but they told her that her breasts were too small, so she got implants but never got in the magazine.”

Since it’s a natural that Playboy would pursue Woods’ mistresses for a pictorial, I contacted a rep for the magazine today to find out what the deal was.

Theresa Hennessey, VP of PR for PLAYBOY, emailed me this about Grubbs this morning:

The rumors that she’s posed for us or has sent us test shots are untrue.  We have no record of her posing for the magazine. We don’t have any plans (for her) at the moment.

“At the moment” of course is the key phrase.

Like all of us, Playboy is most likely waiting to see if any other women volunteer an on the record account of a sexual relationship with Woods. While there’s been rumors of “several other women” being out there, with at least one armed with her own voicemails, I’m guessing Woods’ reps have been working feverishly to try to prevent any more revelations.  And I think we all know what I mean by “working”.

Jaimee Grubs Tiger Woods Mistress Pics

The other issue in the case of Grubbs is a photographer who has previously worked with her told me she was emphatic about not doing nudes. So perhaps the RadarOnline report is completely bogus and she never even considered Playboy.

But knowing how much of a famewhore Grubbs appears to be, if her perception is that the only way to extend her celebrity is to do Playboy, I wouldn’t put it past her. Nor would I complain.