Tiger Caddy Finally Speaks: ‘I’m An Honest Person’

Tuesday Tiger Woods caddy Steve Williams issued this press release:

I do not have any personal knowledge of anything in the reports related to the Tiger Woods’ stories. Kirsty and I give our heartfelt wishes to Tiger, Elin, Sam and Charlie and hope this gets put to rest soon.”

Tiger Woods Steve Williams Elin Nordegren

That was the only comment from Williams the past month about the extramarital scandal involving his boss. But today, for whatever reason, Williams felt the need to further distance himself from Woods’ philandering - via the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD.

Williams in his interview with SMH attempted to lay out a case why he didn’t know about Woods’ affairs. Hopefully he cc’d the remarks to Elin Nordegren, since her perception of his denial is what may decide his future employment with Woods.


‘Obviously, I understand Tiger has got a problem. And we discussed that. I live in New Zealand, I travel to and from New Zealand to caddie for Tiger Woods. I am not with him 24/7. Whilst I am a very good friend of his … I don’t know what he does off the course.

”His indiscretions have probably been [when he wasn’t playing]. When he is not competing, I am back in New Zealand. I have no knowledge of what he is doing. Yes, I talk to him on the phone; ask him how his practice is going, how he is hitting the ball, how his family is [but] I don’t know what he is doing. Just like he doesn’t know what I am doing.”

”I am an honest person. I had no knowledge of what was going on [with Tiger]. If I did, I would say I did.”

”I have always stated that my last caddie job will be caddying for Tiger. I am committed to him. I understand he needs a break to sort his personal stuff out. And I will be there for him when he wishes to return to play.”

I want to believe Williams, and for all we know he’s telling the truth. But for him to claim that he had no knowledge of Woods’ affairs because of the amount of time he spends with the golfer is absurd. It only takes a second for Williams to hear or see something.

Williams calls himself a “good friend” of Woods but in the same breath denies he knew of something that looks as though it basically consumed Woods over the past three years.

Please, Steve, don’t patronize us. You aren’t talking to the golf press anymore. We don’t observe Opposite Day.

I’m not calling Williams a liar, but for him to know nothing about what Woods was doing off the course seems like a significant stretch. Especially in context of allegations that Woods has paid off some of his mistresses so they’d keep quiet about their activities with the golfer.