Ticketmaster Tries To Torpedo South Florida Central Florida Football Game

TICKETMASTER TRIES TO TORPEDO EXCITEMENT OVER USF: Ticketmaster is up to its evil ways again, as the satanic stub seller had recently thrown South Florida fans into a Bull-rush panic:

South Florida football Ticketmaster

BAY NEWS 9 in Tampa serves up some spam, as the ticket broker sent out an erroneous email on Monday about this Saturday’s USF football game. The message said that the contest against Central Florida was postponed, and a make-up date was to be announced.

However, this was news to the South Florida athletic department. Assistant AD Chris Freet and staff had to explain to numerous confused and irate Bulls fans that the game was indeed going on as scheduled.

Turns out the email was sent out by mistake, with the titanic ticket broker claiming a “programming error”.

Ticketmaster email


Freet felt sorriest for the department’s secretary: “She had a lot of phone calls and had no idea what was going on. It threw everybody for a loop.”

Despite the snafu, the UCF game was sold out by Tuesday morning - the 2nd straight home sellout for South Florida at Raymond James Stadium. This after spending the first 10 years of the program’s existence with plenty of seats available.

USF Bulls mascot Eddie Vedder

Leave it to the evil that is Ticketmaster to try and spoil the feel-good college football story of the 5th-ranked Bulls. Eddie Vedder was right!