Ticket Selling Site Lists “Ohio State Wolverines”

THE ANGRY T believes that any Buckeyes fans buying tickets from this ticket selling site are nuts:

Ohio State Wolverines

The text of the screenshot from the site reads: The 2008 BCS NCAA National Championship Game will make it’s debut at the Louisiana Superdome, in New Orleans, LA. The LSU Tiger will be playing the Ohio State Wolverines.”

So, not only do they have the name wrong, they also advertise that only one tiger will be showing up. That’s kind of dangerous.

We can’t wait to get our Rose Bowl tickets for the USC Bruins against the Illinois Hoosiers. While we’re at it, maybe we can pick up a pair of courtside seats for the Los Angeles Celtics against the San Antonio Mavericks.

Now we know where to go next spring if we want to see the Boston Yankees.