Thunder Say OKC Is A Windblown Wasteland

Oklahoma City fans are so paranoid about their team. They ought to relax, since the Thunder are locked into a nice long lease. And owner Clay Bennett would never think about breaking a lease…

Oklahoma City

Okay, let’s start this over. Oklahoma City is so defensive about being considered a major league sports city (spoiler alert: it’s not), that in their big post-season wrap-up, THE OKLAHOMAN makes sure to ask each player their likes and dislikes about the city. While the pros range from “there’s no traffic” to “no one bothers me for autographs” to “there’s very little traffic,” all the players agree on what they hate about the OKC:

Hearing them tell it, Oklahoma City resembles nowhere so much as Mordor when it comes to the weather. Damien Wilkins calls the wind “nerve-wracking.” Earl Watson says “one day it can ice, the next day it can be 80.”

A full ten out of 13 players surveyed mentioned the weather. (One of the dissenters, Nenad Kristic, unfavorably compared OKC’s nightlife to that of Serbia. You remember, the one with the war.)

But holy crap, how windy is it in Oklahoma City? This was the ad on the story when I checked it:


So they have to wear scarves. I guess that’s not such a horrible thing, since I don’t see any of the players clamoring for trades to Detroit or Golden State.

And as for what they like the best about Oklahoma City?

  • Wilkins: “We travel so much you really don’t notice the lack of whatever people say isn’t here.”
  • Jeff Green: “I like to stay at home and relax. This was a great city to do that. That helped me a lot with my rest.”
  • Thabo Sefolosha: “Everything is within walking distance downtown.”

Oklahoma City! We’re Quiet But Windy!