Three Rich Gentlemen Observe A Sporting Contest

Some days, certain photos find their way through this series of tubes we call the Internet that become automatic posts no matter what news is breaking at that moment. The following photo, of multi-zillionaires Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, and rapper Ludacris taking in a basketball game, is one of them.

Ludacris, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett at Team USA game

(Can we bounce to the clubs after this, Luda?)

The trio were taking in the dismantling of Team Canada by Team USA in an exhibition game last night in Vegas.

Their imagined court side conversation, after the jump.

Ludacris: “How great is Kobe?”

Buffett: “He’s pure poetry in motion.”

Gates: “Totally. He’s completely whack, dude.”

Ludacis: “He’s what?”

Gates: “Uh, ‘whack’?”

Ludacris: “You don’t like Kobe?”

Gates: “No, I …”

(Gates peeks inside his jacket, where he hides his iPhone. He goes to Urban Dictionary and looks up “whack”. After spending the next several moments trying to find a suitable replacement, he gives up and settles for the following.)

Gates: “I meant tubular. He’s really rad and tubular.”

Ludacris: “Whateva.”

Buffett: “I don’t think I ever told you this Luda, but every morning, when I wake up to write my many checks to charity organizations, I listen to your ‘Move Bitch’ song on my iPod …”

(Buffett looks to Gates)

Buffett: “… I mean Zune.”

Ludacris: “Oh, no way! That’s tight!”

Buffett: “That song makes me feel alive.”

Gates: “Oh yeah, well … green is for the moneys and gold is for the honeys, am I right Luda?”

Ludacris: “Huh?”

Gates: “Nothing …”