Rich Rodriguez Enters, Three Wolverines Leave

Dan Cash of WKZO-AM in Detroit tips us off that Rich Rodriguez’s official arrival in Ann Arbor has led to three Wolverine departures:

Ryan Mallett Mario Manningham Adrian Arrington Michigan Wolverines

QB Ryan Mallett and WRs Mario Manningham & Adrian Arrington are no longer part of the Michigan squad, as confirmed by the new coach during Tuesday’s basketball game against Indiana.

Rodriguez believes the two receivers will try their luck with the NFL draft, and says he wishes them well. But when asked about the freshman signal-caller, who was rumored to transfer anyway, Rich was a little more short: “I don’t care. He’s not playing for Michigan. I’m concerned with who’s playing for Michigan.”

Well, someone’s a little snippy. But you might forgive Coach Rod for snapping like that, since West Virginia fans won’t forgive him for leaving. And that’s making it tough for his family back in the Mountaineer State.

The CHARLESTON DAILY MAIL hears from the coach’s mother, Arleen Rodriguez, about the abuse her family has received.

She says her grandchildren have received death threats and had to be escorted to school. And vandals have been at work on the coach’s property near Morgantown, throwing the mailbox into the yard and hanging rude signs on the fence.

West Virginia burning couch shirt

There were even sightings of a burning couch, but that was probably from a celebration of the Fiesta Bowl win.

Arleen says living around such anger is “like your kid getting beat up at school all the time, and you can’t stop it.”

Mrs. R has already made a plea to the Mountaineer community via a letter to the editor to leave her son & family alone. But it appears not to be working, or is a victim of West Virginia’s illiteracy problem.

Looks like it’s time for Arleen to take more drastic measures. Maybe another letter?