Three Laker losers who love Kobe

This trio who attended Tuesday’s Lakers-Memphis game are:

Laker fans in Memphis 1/9/07

(Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Image)

A) Displaced Lakers fans who happened to be stuck in Memphis and wanted to show some love to Kobe Bryant.
B) Too cheap to buy Kobe No. 24 jerseys and are looking for a way to get the Lakers star to sign their shirts (since Kobe refuses to autograph any more No. 8 jerseys)
C) Laker losers X 3.
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It should also be noted that the NBA’s marketing folk says the Kobe tank top moved up three spots on the “Most Popular Jersey List” to sit at No. 1, taking the lead over Miami’s Dwayne Wade, who had the top position since May, 2005. This is all based on jersey sales at the NBA store in New York City and

Wait’ll the Allen Iverson-Denver Nuggets jersey, currently at No. 4, really catches fire.