Thou Shalt Not Use Tebow’s Name In Vain Promos

• What Would Tim Tebow Do? Apparently sue you for using him as the basis for a minor league promotional night.

Tim Tebow with hot girls

(Saint Tebow with a pair of heavenly disciples - and before you ask, no, neither of them is Lucy Pinder)

Michael Vick makes his Philadelphia Eagles debut. Let the circus begin!

• Pass the earplugs: John Daly is in Nashville working on a studio album.

• Did Jessica Simpson place a curse on Tony Romo for trying to mack on her girlfriends?

• The Houston Texans are taking a strong stand against excessive alcohol consumption - by serving their gameday beers in smaller cups.

• Is Danica Patrick really going to lose her racing suit for a nude ESPN mag shoot? They didn’t say yes, but they haven’t said no.

• Ah, high school football - where boys stick telephone receivers in their Speedos & chase teammates around, declaring, “It’s a sex line - it’s for you!”

• This FIBA Americas tournament is getting pretty testy - if it’s not Mexico & Uruguay tossing chairs at each other, it’s Charlie Villanueva’s mom getting dissed by security.

• Speaking of dissings, did Shelley Smith get served one in ESPN’s scoop about USC starting a freshman QB?

• At the new billion-dollar Dallas Cowboys Stadium, there’s not a bad seat in the house … except this one.