University Student Has A Cooler Name Than You

Every now and then, a story will appear about some dopey parents naming their newborn child something stupid, like Saban or Kobe or Espn, in honor of their favorite coach, cut of beef or, uh, TV station. Usually, the story is accompanied by a picture of the proud parents sitting in the living room of their trailer pre-fabricated home, wearing their finest team sweatpants. These people are then mocked by the rest of us, life goes on, the kid ends up dropping out of high school to become a produce clerk, the end.

Welcome to the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field

None of this scorn and ridicule applies, however, to a certain member of the University of Wisconsin-Madison student government. Her name, you see, is Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, and she deserves nothing but respect.

Ms. Wrigley-Field is a doctoral candidate in sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which makes her smarter than me by a factor of at least, say 25 (I failed math), since I have no advanced degree and couldn’t get into UW. In addition to the endless writing and research that makes up the life of a doctoral candidate, Wrigley-Field was recently elected to the Associated Students of Madison, the name for UW’s student council. Even up north in Brewers country, a name like Wrigley-Field has got to be quite a boon for name recognition on Election Day. Perhaps the most interesting part of her name is that she didn’t even do it out of love for the Cubbies, according to the WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL:

Around age 7 she decided she liked the idea of being a Wrigley-Field. As a burgeoning feminist she wanted to carry on her mother’s last name and she also enjoyed the reaction it prompted in people. During college at New York University, she legally changed her last name.“I never am sick of it,” she said. “I just think it’s really fun. I like having small pleasant interactions with people and it produces a lot of them.”

The article goes on to say that Wrigley-Field is, of course, a Cubs fan. Unfortunately, there was no word on whether Horatio Miller-Park was elected Chairman of UW’s Korean-American student organization.