This Live Blogging Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand

For DALLAS MORNING NEWS blogger Tim MacMahon, it’s been a rough few weeks. First, Mark Cuban pulls his Mavericks media credential because MacMahon was a blogger didn’t write what he liked.

Pacman Jones Michael Irvin

So MacMahon is frozen out of covering the Mavs in the heart of the NBA season. Can’t get worse than that for a DFW blogger/sportswriter, right? Uh, wrong.

Thanks to a pointer from Matt Mosley of HASHMARKS, we found out today that MacMahon was actually live blogging Pacman Jones‘ three-hour (really) appearance on Michael Irvin’s radio show in Dallas. Ugh.

Live Blogging Pacman Jones

MacMahon did an admirable job, reporting that Jones said he was swearing off strip clubs (sure he is), stopped smoking dope and that Jones’ agent said the reason for the Vegas strip club fiasco was the media blowing things out of proportion (of course!).

Jones also spent time selling himself to Jerry Jones, as it appears the Cowboys are one of the few teams interested in his services.

This live blogging thing, we can’t really get that into it. Maybe we’re really missing something. Like the movies we only see when we have a serious girlfriend.

OK, maybe not.

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