This Isn’t The Way To Voice Disinterest In Cycling

Choose not to watch. Discuss how bike seats can lower sperm count. State the several, several cyclists who get caught doping after winning races. There are many productive ways to show why the cycling world has problems. Taking your car and ramming a herd of cyclists — including some former Olympians — isn’t really the way to go here.


The SYDNEY MORNING HERALD reported (15 hours from the future, I might add) that some motorist was pissed off that he had to wait for a pack of 60 cyclists to cross his path, and took matters into his own horsepower. He rammed the pack of bicycles, injuring about 50 nobody was seriously hurt.

Rattled worst might be Kate Nichols, an Australian cyclist who was involved in a horrific crash three years ago in Germany that resulted in the death of a teammate.

But you know what I blame? That’s right.

When are we going to realize that these video games, which glorify hitting people riding bicycles, cannot stand? Bikes are a cheap, clean, and efficient means of transportation, and we cannot have licensed motorists terrorize these harmless flocks of pedal-pushers. Tthese cartridges and CDs of gratuitous violence against pedestrians and bicyclists almost certainly led to the …

… Wait, maybe not. The government intervened, and this was an isolated incident. Not society’s fault, and all is well. Thanks, Jack!