This is ‘Wazzu Idol’: Coach Holds Tryouts For QB

What is it with quarterbacks in the Pac-10 and injuries? They seem to drop like flies. UCLA lost their top two quarterbacks before the season even started, and Oregon has gone through more quarterbacks already this season than Lindsay Lohan goes through packs of Virginia Slims. Throw in Jake Locker’s busted hand at Washington, and Mark Sanchez’s off-season knee injury, and the QB spot in the Pac-10 is a death trap.

Washington State coach Paul Wulff

Washington State has had similar problems, losing their top two QBs to injury this season as well. The problem is that while USC can have the No. 1 QB in his recruiting class as their fourth-stringer, the Cougars just don’t have that depth. So THE SEATTLE TIMES (via DR. SATURDAY) says head coach Paul Wulff has had to have an open call for quarterbacks on campus to look for people to line up under center for the practice squad.

“I’ve never had to do this before,” Wulff said. “There’s got to be somebody enrolled that has played quarterback.”

Careful what you wish for, Coach Wulff - Ryan Leaf might decide to enroll under a fake name to start over again. But I’ve never heard of an open call for quarterbacks - placekickers, sure, but not quarterbacks.

One thing is for sure - whomever Coach Wulff selects, you know he’ll be fed well. Although I should say “he or she” - maybe Helen Hunt can step in and guide the Cougars. With the team having lost to their FBS opponents by an average of 42 points, it couldn’t hurt.