This Caps-Pens Series Looks Really, Really Good

Look, we know as well as anyone else that one game does not make a series. That doesn’t mean that one game can’t set a tone for a series. After all, just look at Bulls-Celtics. If memory serves, that Game 1 was pretty stinking good. Well, assuming the rest of the Capitals-Penguins series plays at least a little like the first offering between the teams, a 3-2 Capitals win, this could be a truly captivating series.

alexander ovechkin

(Advantage: Ovechkin)

Game 1 had a little of everything. It got started with a Sidney Crosby goal. That was countered with a goal from his rival, Alex Ovechkin. And then, when it looked like things were starting to swing toward the Pengiuns, who were putting on better pressure than the Rangers did in their entire series against the Caps, young goalie Simeon Varlamov came through with the save of the playoffs, which we’ve got on video after the break.

In fact, the only thing that Game 1 missed was an empty-net goal to tie the game in the final minute by Pittsburgh, something that still wouldn’t have matter if Mike Green had scored on a rink-length shove at Pittsburgh’s empty net with 30 seconds left. In the end it didn’t matter, because Varlamov was just too stinking good.

So, how good will the rest of the series be? That’s hard to tell. Something tells us it’s not going to end in four, particularly since Varlamov — despite his brilliance — also let in one soft goal. Add in the perpetual melodrama between Crosby and Ovechkin, and hockey actually has a series that could capture the country’s imagination and actually live up to the hype on the ice.

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