This Bud’s For Me: Kahne Wins All-Star Race

Kasey Kahne said he was ready to sit at home and watch the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race on his couch.

Kasey Kahne NASCAR

He would later learn that instead of sitting in front of his TV, he’d be sitting behind the wheel.

And then 100 laps later, Kahne would find himself in Victory Lane, with a first prize of one million dollars.

Although Kahne didn’t qualify for the event, he won a fan voting contest that got him a spot in the field. This year’s race was broken into four 25-lap segments, and Kahne was in second place when the fourth segment began:

Kahne didn’t take tires to advance his position and restart in second when the final 25-lap segment began. [Greg] Biffle, who had led the final 11 laps of the third segment, took two tires and was mired back in traffic on the restart.

Biffle never got a chance to run down Kahne, who slid past leader Jimmie Johnson to lead the final 17 laps and claim the victory and credit crew chief Kenny Francis with the winning pit strategy.

Hopefully Kahne can get back in front of the TV and get his drink on tonight. With a million bucks, he can probably get something a little better than Budweiser.