This 13-Year-Old Girl MMAer Could Kick Your Ass

While no one wants to say they were beaten up by a 13-year-old girl, there’s absolutely no shame in it if she took your lunch money by putting you in a guillotine choke.

Kimberli Smith

You’ll be forgiven for pissing your pants when you meet Kimberli Smith. The tween from outside Daytona Beach is the number one ranked under-17 practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the country, boy or girl. She’s been fighting since she was 5, and already has her own nickname: the Krossface Killer. Whoops, I think I crapped myself.

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Seven days a week, 101-pound Kimberli Smith wakes up at 6 a.m. to run, do crunches, pull-ups and conditioning.

When other kids are drinking juice boxes, Kimberli drinks “Muscle Milk,” a fat burning, muscle recovery protein supplement. After school, she trains. And on the weekends, when other kids are waking up late to play GuitarHero and eat a bowl of sugary Cap’n'Crunch, Kimberli is off to a tournament to compete against kids and adults alike.

Kimberli’s precocious talent has her trapped in a sort of no-woman’s land. Her instructor won’t allow her to compete with the kids, since she’d likely snap their little spines like so many Kit-Kat Bars. But it’s illegal for her to go against the adults in some tournaments.

When she does compete with the big girls, she more than holds her own. At a Tampa tournament last month, she won the women’s absolute division, taking out a 162-pound blue belt and a 32-year-old Judo coach along the way.

She dreams of being an MMA fighter, but at the moment there’s no women’s division in the big time. I’m sure that’ll change. The biggest sign that MMA is here to stay is the number of kids going in to it, with a level of interest that boxing hasn’t seen in 30 years. It’s only a matter of time before the pros are opened up to the other half of the population.