Thieves Pull Off “Great” Wimbledon Heist of 2009

Adidas is no Nike (or even Reebok in its prime), but one thing the company does have on lock is tennis sponsorships. Hell, I just turned on Wimbledon and one of the girls was wearing a cute little Adidas dress. Or really, she’s wearing a dress and she’s cute. Whatever, go turn it on.

(Stefanie Voegele. Like you wouldn’t.)

She and other athletes at Wimbledon are actually fortunate to be able to have their threads for this first round of play, believe it or not, as the shipment of new clothes from Adidas (Yes, by the way, this really happens. Athletes get free new clothes all the time, especially if they’re going to be on television. Envy them) was jacked by thieves last week, according to Scotland Yard and THE TELEGRAPH.

But really, don’t you have to think these thieves didn’t think their cunning plan all the way through? After all, these aren’t exactly resale-ready items of clothing, you know. They’re just tennis outfits for different athletes, all of whom are roughly a size 2-4. We’re just going to go out on a limb and say there isn’t much of a black market for those in London or anywhere else.

Further, there probably isn’t much use for them from a memorabilia standpoint either. What are you going to call them, “almost game-worn but for thievery”?  Really, in any plausible instance, who’s going to want any of this for anything other than personal use? And of them, how many are built like a tennis pro?

And last, this wasn’t even an effective method of sabotage:

An Adidas spokeswoman said: “Adidas can confirm that boxes containing kit en route to the Wimbledon Championships were stolen last week.

“However Adidas was able to replace all the items within 24 hours so none of the tennis players were affected.