They’re Counterfeiting Texas Tech Games Now?

If you have to pay to go a college football game, it means you’re not a student and you probably live in a quiet little town that doesn’t have any pro teams, and you’re way too invested in a school you probably didn’t even go to. Yep, I’d say Lubbock qualifies. The capacity at Jones AT&T Stadium is listed as 53,000. But for Saturday’s game, there were 53,500 ticketholders. That’s a problem.

Fake Texas Tech Ticket

(Can you blame them for falling for this?)

The LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL, in addition to having a badass name, reports that 500 counterfeit tickets were sold on campus for the Red Raiders’ upset of top-ranked Texas. The counterfeitity(?) was only detected when the fans tried to enter the stadium, and were told by the cold cruel beep of the barcode scanner that they’d have to miss the biggest game in school history. Sucks for them.

The tickets were sold for $200 a pop, in an area just east of the stadium. One of those reportedly victimized was a Tech player trying to buy a ticket for a friend.

“They got robbed is what it was,’’ said Dave Welsh, Tech assistant athletic director for ticket operations. “These (counterfeiters), I think they hit the big-time bowl games and the Super Bowl and so forth. They look just like our regular season-ticket stock, but the bar codes obviously aren’t going to match. It was heartbreaking seeing all these people get ripped off.’’

Texas Tech is seeing the price of success; officials expect the same problem this week when eighth-ranked Oklahoma State comes to town. So use your better judgement, Lubbockites, and watch the game in a bar like normal folk.