These Men Want To Give You Foreclosure Advice

When I’m not beefing up my financial portfolio with Lenny Dykstra, you can usually find me seeking foreclosure advice from that paragon of business acumen, Dwyane Wade, and his business partner Alonzo Mourning. The former Miami Heat teammates have combined their forces to add heft to a nonprofit government effort to promote awareness of free foreclosure assistance. Hmm, is this wise?

Alonzo Mourning, Dwyane Wade

It’s a good cause to be sure; the financial meltdown has caused a real crisis in the housing industry, especially in South Florida, where many people have lost their homes due to financial scams or confusion over the way housing laws work. Nonprofits such as the HOPE NOW Alliance have organized a bus tour to help raise awareness of government services that would help homeowners renegotiate the terms of their loans. And Wade and Mourning have lent their celebrity to the cause.


”It hurts my heart. I know it hurts everyone’s heart in here,” said Wade about the plight of homeowners facing the loss of their homes. “I’m here to help bring awareness to this and to let everyone know that there is an opportunity for them, and that there is hope.”

Wade’s heart always seems to be in the right place — well, usually — even if his business sense isn’t. Aside from the restaurant debacle, he’s also been involved in some other very dodgy business dealings. And this past March, Wade was supposed to be an endorser for a new series of schools in the Miami area designed for high school dropouts, but was dropped from the program by the organizers for “not living up to his end of the agreement.”

Mourning and Wade are also involved in The Summer Groove, a week-long Miami event which begins July 8 and includes a block party, youth basketball clinic, celebrity basketball game and, well, grooving.  The two seem determined to make their mark together in Florida charity ventures, and more power to them. But I’m not giving them access to my mortgage paperwork.

But throw David Hasselhoff into the mix, and that’s another thing entirely.