Another Of The Ugly Things Vegas Makes You Do

Nice find by Brian Powell at AWFUL ANNOUNCING and DEADSPIN today - as Powell digs up video of ESPN’s Stu Scott as a weatherman in North Carolina.

Thunder From Down Under John Buccigross

Now if I can only lay my hands on video from John Buccigross’ days with the Thunder From Down Under. (I’m in Vegas folks, work with me.)

The BOSTON GLOBE reports on the New England Patriots’ new “Hall at Patriot Place.”

Among the “most interesting interactive exhibits is ‘The Snow Globe,’ a 16-foot-diameter geodesic dome that surrounds visitors and greets them with a drop temperature as a video is played” of former Patriots Kicker Adam Vinatieri’s tying field goal against the Raiders in the 2002 playoffs.

Adam Vinatieri snow kick

Seems a little elaborate if you ask me. Especially since they could just have Bill Belichick or Al Davis walk in the room to create the exact same effect.

Some might say in L.A. that Manny Ramirez has carried his Dodger teammates on his back to the postseason. Reminds me a little of what Barack Obama may have to do with Joe Biden in November.

Joe Biden crying Ohio State fan

While campaigning for Obama this week, Biden had the good sense to give Ohio State football an open-handed verbal slap - in the wake of USC’s 35-3 thrashing of the Buckeyes last week. (Ohio happens to be a crucial battleground state in the upcoming election.)

Nice timing, Plugs.

ESPN has a piece today on possible NBA expansion cities. Or cities that could take a relocated team (ladies and gentleman, YOUR KANSAS CITY GRIZZLIES!) .

Bryant Reeves Vancouver Grizzlies

25 NBA writers were asked to vote for the most likely city to next get an NBA team. The results:

Seattle: 14
Vegas: 9 (thank god they didn’t poll cabbies on The Strip)
London: 4
Berlin: 3
Kansas City: 3

Receiving one vote: Madrid, Moscow, Mexico City, Berlin, Newark, St. Louis, Paris

The All-Star Game debacle in Vegas two years ago eliminated the arena-less (T&M Center doesn’t count) city from consideration in the not-too-distant future. KC’s chances were torched when OKC stole the Sonics from Seattle.

So the most likely immediate scenario is an existing, floundering franchise like Memphis or New Orleans moving to Seattle. Oh goody.

Comcast Sports Net’s Russ Thaler reports on CSN’s “Washington Post Live,” that a  press pass to the Univ. of Maryland’s game this weekend against Eastern Michigan was put on eBay.

Maryland Fear The Turtle T-shirt

Thaler: “Who knows how they got their hands on the press pass to begin with? Maryland got it taken down, but it was up there for $100 for a number of hours.”

Washington Post reporter Mark Maske’s response to the listing: “You would have to pay me a lot more to go watch Maryland football.

Scott Van Pelt

Does Maske not know the value of a possible SVP sighting?

BBC golf announcer Peter Alliss to Bloomberg: The Ryder Cup is very lavish. It’s an expensive thing to put on. Instead of going somewhere else, now they don’t have to pay facilities fees.

The PGA of America is “saving as much as $6M by holding the Ryder Cup at Valhalla, which it owns.

Why the change? Roger Maltbie’s scotch and cigarettes per diem was never an issue in the past?

I’ll be attending Blogworld Saturday at the L.V. Convention Center. I’m hopeful that ex-UNLV Football Coach John Robinson will be wandering around in there somewhere, fresh off his daily embalming session. Because of the Blogworld thing, I’ll miss my Georgia Bulldogs as they play just down the road apiece against Arizona State in Tempe.

Obviously I’m not too happy about it, but on the bright side, I’m pleased to report that I have a dress once worn by Vanna White encased on the wall in my hotel room. So that helps take away the pain.

Joe Simpson Beer Helmet

I hit the Playboy Club at The Palms hotel last night, and since we didn’t arrive until around 11pm, we missed Jessica Simpson’s concert at the hotel’s concert venue. But we did catch Joe Simpson later that night, servicing the nickel-slots. Nice guy.