These Are the Instructional Posts That Get Results

Ladies: Do you like horses? Ice cream? Things that smell nice? Of course you do. Fellas: Care for a self-destructive day of binge-drinking? Mid-shelf stuff. My treat. There you go. See, we’re all going to get along great.

Fred McGriff

I’m Richard McPlenty, your Sunday captain. Brooks has tapped me to run this show (many thanks to the good man). If cameras were rolling, we could make an instructional video that gets results. Alas, let’s stick to the simple things. I’ll throw this baseball, on two hops, into your trash can at home plate. And whenever you can tear yourself away from all the Pro Bowl prop bets you’re mulling over, send me some sugar at I only have one rule: You will capitalize Super, and you will capitalize Star. If we all pull together, we will win back-to-back-to-back AAU blogging championships.