Thermablade Electric Hockey Skate Latest Innovation To Hit Hockey

MORE SPEED WITH LESS WORK, MINUS THE NANDROLONE: The TORONTO STAR has an update on the latest innovation to hit hockey: Electric skates.


Something called “Thermablade” is “new, battery-warmed skate blade that melts ice to give its wearer — so the endorsements contend — more speed with less work and overall, a better hockey experience.

Inventor Tory Weber dumped $5 million over five years to develop the heat-seeking skate: “I had a basic understanding that if you put something hot on ice, it’s going to melt and be slippery. It’s not super technical. We heat the blade and it creates a thin film of water between the skate blade and the ice and gives the user substantial performance benefits.

Weber is off to an auspicious promotional start by landing Wayne Gretzky as an endorser. But the NHL is wary about the new-fangled footing, concerned how if will effect ice surfaces and how sturdy the blades are when struck by a speeding slapshot.

And officials from Olympic sports speedskating and bobsledding have already weighed in on the innovation - the skates won’t be allowed in international competition.

Learning To Skate

The whole thing sounds like an interesting concept to us, but sadly will still do nothing to cut into the icy reception the NHL receives south of the border.