There’s No Boxing in Baseball (in Middle School)!

Baseball players at a middle school in Tennessee got a chance to expand their horizons through pugilism when their coach allowed a few of the preteens to get in a few sparring matches during practice. Of course, parents found out and shut the boxing matches down toot sweet.

Obviously, these are parents without a background in baseball or boxing. Do you want your kids to end up like Robin Ventura? Well, do you? Have you seen Robin Ventura recently? Alright then. We rest our case.

The coach has a “boxing background”, according to WVLT. Also, no children were injured during boxing sessions. However, it’s fair to say that’s not what the parents agreed to in the permission slips.

Therefore, we understand the parents’ concern and are pleased the incident has ended without firings or other drama. Besides, we all know that young players should be concentrating on their core skills at that age: wrestling.

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