There’s a possibility Lesnar will never fight again

That’s a quote from Dana White today, as he expounded on Brock Lesnar’s mysterious illness. An ailment that was revealed by White Monday as being intestinal based and that will require surgery.

Dana White Holding Magazine With Brock Lesnar On The Cov er

(White’s p.r. treatment of Lesnar illness reminds WWE)

Sunday White made some alarmingly vague comments about Lesnar’s condition, saying that although Lesnar didn’t have Cancer or AIDs, his situation was extremely serious. And that he first experienced the illness while in Canada.

White’s comments obviously caused everyone’s mind to run wild, so he clarified today. A little.

Lesnar is by far the biggest star in UFC among the general public, so White’s portrayal of his situation is crucial for the credibility of the sport. That’s why it’s a little disconcerting that Lesnar is apparently not allowing White to give more details on his condition. (White claims he would give out more info but Lesnar won’t authorize the dissemination of the info to the media.)

I’m all for respecting Lesnar’s privacy - if he wasn’t due to participate in a UFC fight where millions of dollars will be legally wagered.  If Lesnar’s condition isn’t life-threatening, and White still considers him to be an active member of the UFC, it isn’t good for the credibility of the sport for White to be so vague. I’d actually prefer he say nothing about Lesnar rather than the cat-and-mouse comments.

We’ve all heard the steroid conspiracy theories. That Lesnar had his ailment treated in Canada to keep his diagnosis on the down-low. I certainly don’t subscribe to that possibility, but the longer we’re in the dark about Lesnar’s illness, the more rumors are going to be floated out there.

Again, Lesnar does deserve the right to complete privacy if he isn’t participating in a high profile, legitimate sport - which I consider UFC now to be.  UFC ain’t the WWE, so I would hope they start conducting business that way.

I recognized that White is in a very tough spot. This is he first time he’s been faced with kind of situation. Hopefully at some point he’ll come clean with the media and make clear what Lesnar is dealing with.