There May Be A Few Divots At U.S. Bank Champs

Sure, when we finally need an old man to chase people off of the lawn, there’s none to be found. One of the perks of living in the Milwaukee area is being able to watch the PGA U.S. Bank Championship. But considering what’s happening to banks lately, this news item shouldn’t be too shocking.

With the tournament only two weeks away, vandals apparently drove motorcycles onto the course and tore up the grass pretty good on the 17th hole. Authorities are currently seeking the whereabouts of Kelly Leak.

From WTMJ:

It happened at the 17th hole at the Brown Deer Park Golf Course, home of the U.S. Bank Championship to be held July 16-19. The damage was likely done by motorcycles.

Some turf was lost in some areas, and trees were also pulled from behind the green. The PGA has been notified of the damage, and at this point, the parks department workers and the tour’s director are working diligently to make sure things are up and running in time.

Ironic, since the event is facing an uncertain future; U.S. Bank is pulling out as sponsor after this year. Also, the event’s secondary sponsor, Aurora Health Care, has said that it will cut back on its involvement. The main reason, besides the economy? Well, it’s competing against the British Open, for one thing. That tends to hurt TV ratings. That unfortunate for the 42-year-old event, which served as the venue for Tiger Woods’ first professional golf appearance, in Aug., 1996, after winning his third straight U.S. Amateur title.

To recap: The only approved shenanigans on a golf course should occur after hours, and involve riding large blocks of ice down hills and berms, occasionally resulting in collisions and small injuries (um, not that I ever did that). This recent trend toward wanton destruction is wrong.

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