The Wit And Wisdom Of Ex-NFLer R. Jay Soward

As stated, this Twitter thing isn’t going to last forever for the wayward athlete-covering media. That’s probably also good thing for someone like football flameout and current Twitter citizen R. Jay Soward.

R. Jay Soward Tweets

Soward, who has five kids, is now three years removed from his final season in the CFL. Amazingly, he’s still only 31, but when it comes to pro football, he might as well be 131.

Before we get to more of Soward’s Tweets, here’s a quick reset:

In May, 2006, just before he was cut by the Toronto Argonauts, Soward told the NEW YORK TIMES that without football, “I’d probably be working a warehouse job, or trying to go back to school to get my degree, or trying to do some real estate, or hustling, scamming, something illegal. Probably just throwing away my life.”

In November, 2005, Soward told the L.A. TIMES of his life in the NFL in the early ’00s: “I would wake up every morning, the bar would open at 6 a.m., and I’d go buy a fifth of Hennessy and a fifth of Alize. I’d mix it together and drink it all day.”

With his football career on hold, Soward’s game reportedly has been fixing televisions.

And Tweeting. (Some NSFW text after the jump.)

R. Jay Soward On Twitter

Reading through his Tweets, you don’t have a soul if you don’t feel some sympathy for the man. His alcoholism and drug problems are well-chronicled, so you hope he’s getting some help to that end. And it does appear that he’s winning out over the despair he’s feeling for his failed pro football career - for now.

But the me-against-the-world attitude he’s still carrying around will have to stop if he’s ever going to make a life for himself and his children. I’m guessing there’s a lot of people in L.A. that would be willing to give him a chance if he reaches out to them. Hopefully, at some point, he’ll swallow his pride and let them give him an opportunity to earn a legitimate living.