Radio Host: Vikings Have Not Set Favre Deadline

Yesterday on ESPN both Chris Mortensen and Ed Werder reported that the Minnesota Vikings and head coach Brad Childress had set a deadline of Friday for Brett Favre to decide whether or not he was going to come back again and play for the Vikings.  Since Favre is just coming off of arthroscopic surgery on his throwing shoulder word is he would like to wait a little longer before deciding.  In other words, he wants to wait until training camp is a few weeks old so he doesn’t have to go through it.

I mean, we all know he’s going to come back at this point because why else would he have the surgery on his shoulder?  So it doesn’t hurt when he throws a football in his next Wrangler commercial?  So if Favre isn’t “ready” to make his “decision” yet and the Vikings want one by Friday, does that mean he’s not going to be back this season?  No, because according to Sirius radio host Pat Kirwan the boys over at ESPN are making this whole deadline thing up.


Pat Kirwan said today on SIRIUS NFL Radio’s “Movin’ The Chains” that there is no deadline for Favre in Minnesota, contrary to what ESPN has reported. Kirwan’s words carry weight on this subject because he is friendly with Childress and frequently has the Vikings coach on as a guest during the season.

Here’s the conversation between Kirwin and his co-host Tim Ryan today.

Kirwan: “I heard you talking about Brett Favre, every show has been talking about him. I’ve got a couple of things to say. First off, let me make sure I’m clear on this to everyone who is listening. There is no deadline for Brett Favre to come in by Friday. There is zero deadline. The story was made up, it’s not true and trust me on that.”

You know, I know that torture techniques like waterboarding aren’t exactly popular in the United States these days, but there has to be some exceptions to this rule, no?  I mean, would anybody really be all that upset if Brad Childress tried drowning Favre just to get him to make a decision?

It would just save everybody a lot of time.

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