The View From Sports Broadcasting’s Pinnacle

We used to spend many a winter night in Binghamton, NY, broadcasting the American Hockey League. We’ll always cherish that time, thanks to Bingo’s wonderfully forgiving winter weather and a populace dotted with central New York’s beautiful people.

Brendan O'Reilly

WBNG-TV’s Brendan O’Reilly must also really love the city, considering the little ditty he penned about ESPN in his blog on the teevee station’s website today.


Thanks so much for calling my cellphone repeatedly on Saturday.
Not sure how you got that number, but it sure was super to chat. Say hi to Neil Everett for me. He’s awesome.

Any-who, just wanted to clear up a few things.

Yes, we are happy to share the video from Cornell clinching their Ivy League title. Hope you don’t mind if we go ahead and worry about our show first though.

I know everyone loves the Sportscenter, with the zany commercials and all, but we’re going to go ahead and edit our stuff first. We’re selfish that way.

It goes on in a predictable direction yawn.

Having worked in small markets ourself for many years, we always took great pleasure in geting steamrolled by ESPN’s drinking-aged PA’s busting down our door when something notable went off in the same area code. Because we knew that soon we wouldn’t be taking those calls while mired in that god-forsaken hellhole.

We’re not so sure we can now say the same for Mr. O’Reilly. Hope we’re wrong, though. The guy isn’t a half-bad writer.

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