The Very Latest On My Acute Case Of Island Fever

So I’ve been in the Caribbean shooting the SbB Girls since Wednesday, and will effectively be down here through next week (with a one-day pit stop in Miami - watch out Danica!). This is what we encountered on one of the island’s super highways yesterday:

SbB Caribbean Road Cows

The humidity has been brutal, making temps in the low 80s borderline unbearable, unless you’re standing in six inches of ocean of water. Of course, “unbearable” is a relative term. I’m in certainly not going to complain about this gig (wait, I just did).

SbB Caribbean Lunch Spot

(View from our lunch spot yesterday)

On a side note, there was a piece written about SbB this week in Los Angeles that I wanted to mention.

Tim Grierson of L.A. WEEKLY profiled me and SbB as part of the mag’s yearly “people” issue. Other sports types included in the issue: Larry Bowa and Pau Gasol.

SbB LA Weekly

Photographer Kevin Scanlon shot the pic of me in my old ‘hood, Venice. Thanks to Will Leitch of, who hooked the whole thing up.

I know I’ve been remiss on getting new pics up on the site this week. Hope to get things rolling again on that front later tonight. Also, I’d like to thank Jason, Tuffy, Sussman and Punter for doing a fantastical job of updating the site while I’m gone. I should be back posting early next week, at least for a couple days.