Surest Sign Barkley Ready For Gubernatorial Run

The voracious appetites of Charles Barkley came under fire again last week when Steve Wynn’s casino came knocking for four $100,000 markers owed by Barkley. Pressed on the matter last night before TNT’s Spurs-Hornets Game 7 broadcast, Barkley told compatriot Ernie Johnson that the markers had been paid (though this has not been verified yet) and that he would give up gambling for the next year or two.”

Charles Barkley poker massage

(So much for being the first to install Craps table in Bama Governor’s Mansion)

Don’t give in, Charles! You’re our Dionysus, our Puck, our… our Charles! We love you for your vices, not despite them. If you put down the club sandwich, push away the vodka tonic, and stay out of the casinos, who will we live vicariously through? We want you on that blackjack table, Charles; we need you on that blackjack table.

Alright, Charles; we’ll listen to your side:

(Thanks to AWFUL ANNOUNCING for the video and coverage)

We know it’s serious if the barstools come out.

We’ll support you this time, Charles. After all, it’s selfish for us to ask what we can’t do ourselves. Still, we’ll miss the old Charles. (The casinos will, too, if that $10 million they already have from him doesn’t gain any new friends soon.)

(By the way, is there a more savvy sports media staff than TNT? Get him out there in front of the problem and it’s shut down before Game 7 even starts. They’ve got more than $10 million invested in Barkley’s success in his newfound casino chastity. Expect to see Kenny Smith following Barkley around with a taser for awhile.)

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