The Strange Case Of OJ Simpson’s Suit, Maybe

You remember Mike Gilbert. He’s O.J. Simpson’s former agent and former friend, who wrote the book “How I Helped O.J. Get Away With Murder.”  He’s now claiming that he has the suit that O.J. was wearing when he was acquitted of murder. But just like that trial, the issue of the suit isn’t an open-and-shut case.

Mike Gilbert

That hideously ugly suit is or isn’t the famous suit depending on who you ask, and even depending on when you ask Gilbert. And he’s either using it to promote his book, or trying to keep the courts from giving its value to the Goldmans. We report–you decide. The new trial of the century, after the jump.

Gilbert claims he advised Simpsons to stop taking his arthritis medication, so the famous glove did not fit, so they did acquit. Simpsons would have been understandably indebted.

In the book, Gilbert described walking into the master bedroom of Simpson’s Brentwood home the morning after the Oct. 3, 1995, acquittal. Simpson, he writes, was still in bed after a night of partying and the suit and a shirt were crumpled on the closet floor.

“You want it? Take it,” Gilbert quoted Simpson as telling him.

So when it comes time to pimp his book, the suit plays a prominent role in media appearances. But it’s not that simple.

“I’ve had it in my possession since the morning after the verdict,” Mike Gilbert declared at the start of a recent interview.

Twenty minutes of circuitous conversation later, he backtracked: “When I told you that before, I wasn’t under oath.”

Here’s the thing. If that is O.J.’s suit, and it’s worth as much as he claims, it will be seized by the court and the proceeds will to to the Goldman family as part of their award from the civil trial.

Promoting a book about his soured friendship with Simpson, Gilbert said that he had the suit, that it was worth at least $50,000 and that he would give it and other items to the Goldmans to atone for the help he gave a man he now believes is a murderer.

But the Goldmans say Gilbert refused to return their calls or produce the suit. This quickly led to another kind of suit — the type written by lawyers. The Goldmans demanded the clothing and anything else Simpson had given to Gilbert after the slayings.

So basically we’re left with a he-said-they-said, which only serves to keep O.J. in the news. What do you think?

Does Mike Gilbert have the famous suit?

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