The Stephen A. Smith Podcast Is Here! Hooray!

Just when you thought that sports journalism couldn’t possibly get louder or more self righteous, Stephen A. Smith rolls out the next phase in his plan for world domination. HELLO AMERICA; IT’S THE STEPHEN A. SMITH PODCAST. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PODCAST YOU’LL EVER HEAR.

Stephen A. Smith

(Brought to you by Cheezy Doodles)

Stephen A.’s first victim subject in his very first podcast? None other than Brett Favre. Opening line: “Brett Favre! Did ya’ll think I’d let you outta here without commenting on that, tha .. tha .. tha .. that JOKE, Brett Favre?” (Yes, he really said it like that. Listen for yourself after the jump).

Podcast right here.

If you think that Stephen A. is an OK broadcaster, but would be much better if he’d only come out of his shell, then this is for you. He turns the volume up to 11, and promises more of the same pretty much every day over at THE OFFICIAL STEPHEN A. SMITH SITE. Come for the Michael Vick commentary, stay for the Vitaminwater ads.

And if you’re not subscribed to Stephen A.’s Twitter feed, you’re missing out on excitement like this:

5:05 pm. Still stuck on the runway. May not make the game in time. In 1st class, and still no food is being served. Damn Shame!!!!!!! — about 18 hours ago from TwitterBerry